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Meet the Principal

Dr. Brown's Virtual Office

Reading is Fun with Dr. Brown

It's a great honor to welcome you to the Magnificent Mighty Manchester Avenue Elementary School’s website. Manchester Avenue has always held high standards for academic excellence. Our goal is to create a school environment where student learning is the focus and character development is emphasized daily. Our Tigers practice Being Respectful, Being Responsible, and Being Safe on a daily basis. Students are expected to be their best from the classroom to the playground. 
Our School Pledge is:
I am respectful
I am responsible
I am safe
I am honest
I am MAGNIFICENT. Manchester Magnificent!
The students recite this pledge daily. I want students to believe these core values so that they will leave our school with the foundational skills mastered to become college or career ready in society.  

The staff at Manchester Avenue Elementary is made up of the most committed and qualified educators in education. We have the most supportive, dedicated and caring staff in the field. 

I know the importance of a quality education. The inclusion of faculty, staff, parent, student, and the community working together is the perfect recipe for endless opportunities for each of our students. It is this opportunity that will serve as a stepping-stone toward a bright future. 

“Is it about the Students?” is a quote that sits on my desk. My focus is "the students" of Manchester Avenue Elementary School. I desire to see them excel and be their very best.  I am rooting for all of our Mighty Tigers! 
Please feel free to call or stop by our school and see why we are the BEST.

Veronica Bedell Brown