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AEMP Accelerated Academy

Manchester Avenue Elementary School is proud to be an AEMP Accelerated Academy.  We serve as an emerging model of excellence in culturally and linguistically responsive teaching that serve as a demonstration site for the District at large.
AEMP Vision Statement   
The Los Angeles Unified School District’s Academic English Mastery Program is a comprehensive, research-based program designed to address the language needs of African American, Mexican American, Hawaiian American, and Native American students for whom Standard English is not native. The program incorporates into the curriculum instructional strategies that facilitate the acquisition of standard and academic English in classroom environments that validate, value, and build upon the language and culture of students’.
AEMP Mission Statement
The mission of the program is to assure that students’, whose primary language does not match the language of instruction, will have equal access to Common Core standards-based educational curriculum and post secondary career opportunities.
Who do we serve?
All MELD classrooms focus on our SEL students. Our Standard English Learners are  students for whom Standard English is not native and who need to acquire the language and literacy of school, i.e., Standard English and Academic English. Historically speaking, the American school system has had great difficulty serving the needs of SELs. As a group who are classified as “English-Only” speakers, these students have the dubious distinction of having the lowest achievement scores on standardized tests, the highest dropout and failure rates, and the most difficulty accessing the core curriculum. In order to effectively educate this population, educators must have an understanding of the students' language and culture, a knowledge of the instructional methodologies that facilitate language acquisition and literacy development, plus
an appreciation of the rich experiences and funds of knowledge that SELs bring to the learning environment. Academic language, literacy, and effective communication skills are the acknowledged gatekeepers to post-secondary educational opportunities and career success. If SELs are to meet the rigorous standards set by the State and the District, they must be provided with a responsive instructional program and educational environment that takes into consideration their learning styles and strengths. This instructional guide represents the Academic English Mastery Program’s effort to assure that SELs will be provided with such opportunities to learn so that they may reach their full potential.
How do we service our SEL students?
MELD or Mainstream English Language Development refers to instructional accommodations that support SELs with the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Standard English and academic English. MELD instruction is based on linguistic and second language methodology research, which speaks loudly to the most effective practices for the academic achievement of SELs. MELD time is the time in which teachers structure their instruction to accommodate the particular linguistic and language issues that apply to these students. AEMP recommends 30-45 minutes per day for MELD instruction. 
What should I expect to see in a MELD classroom?
MELD Classrooms are culturally responsive and reflective of the student’s culture.   Students in MELD Classrooms are highly engaged and interact with the classroom environment by taking ownership for their academic success.  Additionally, MELD classrooms will demonstrate:
  • Use of Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
  • Use of Academic English in Oral and Written Language
  • Use of Culturally Responsive Participation Protocols
  • Use of Culturally Responsive Discussions Protocols
  • Use of Culturally Relevant Library
AEMP Parent Involvement
One key component for success is our AEMP Parent Center.  Our AEMP Community Representative is available to deliver parent workshops and to maintain an active AEMP Parent Center